How Joe Learned Full Stack development

When Joe was a fresher he decided to build a personal blog website, but Joe didn't know how to build a website. Joe googled a bit and found out that single page application (SPA) is popular these days and it will be an add on skill for Joe and somehow decided to go for Angular 2+ for his application.

Joe created an application with some static pages and dummy data initially for the blog post.
But then Joe got stuck,

Seeing his website wasn't crawlable by search engines Joe was upset, as Angular 2 was in the beta state that time and no-one wrote how to enable server-side rendering ( SSR ) in angular except one guy, Ross. Joe found out that guy and discussed a lot through stack overflow and e-mails and learnt, "How to make your Angular 2 applications server-side rendered."

Moving forward Joe got another task in hand,

"How to create admin panel ?" So that he can start posting blogs.

Joe started exploring NodeJS ( using express ) along with mongoDB and learned about,

  1. How authentication system works
  2. How he can create auth-token-protected API endpoints to handle CRUD operations for blogs.
  3. Joe loves to be creative so he decided to handle images and rich text functionality too.

Now Joe has a fully functional personal website.

Joe did one big mistake though, Joe decided to go with technology which wasn't stable at that time. You can avoid this mistake.

Joe could have gone for WordPress or any similar tool but a lot of the above concepts would have been missed.
Joe learnt a lot from this experience. That website took some time but it made Joe fall in love with JavaScript/Typescript.
Joe didn't know what to learn initially, so Joe kept on learning whatever was required to build that website Joe didn't give up. Be like Joe.

Happy Coding