How to get into product based companies from service based companies

If you are working in service based companies and want to switch to product based companies, here is the guide that can help you.

  1. Mindset: Be clear with your job change decision. Don’t be in a situation that whether you want to switch or you will be waiting for better opportunities within the current company.
  2. LinkedIn: Update your profile and the work you have done so far. Start sending the invitation to the people of your target companies. Be more active and try to increase the network with the help of your work in posts.
  3. Preparation: I have break down this on into 3 parts:

    a) Data Structure, Algorithm: There are tons of good answers on how to prepare Data Structure and Algorithm you can explore those question. Only one thing to remember, you won’t learn until you start doing it. For me, geeksforgeeks and Leetcode worked well.

    b) Your Tech Stack: Now you must be good at what you’re representing yourself on the resume. If you’re into front-end development, you’re expected to know insight out of HTML, CSS, JS, Browser APIs, Web Performance and security and one JS framework (not necessarily though).

    c) System Design: If you’re a senior developer, you’re expected to have the knowledge about “how you will design a system and how you will make it scalable”. One of the best resources I came across is Educative Blog - For Developers, by Developers and Gaurav Sen Youtube channel.
  4. Job Portals: Update your profile on the different job portals. Naukri, Linkedin and Instahyre are the best names that comes in my mind.
  5. Jobs Applying: Your best shot is asking for the referral for any job opening you found on above job portals to the people who are currently working in those companies. Keep on applying through every job portal though.
  6. Hope and Patience: You will face the days where you will fail badly in interviews or people don’t reply to your texts on Linkedin. But remember you will nail the interviews too and some people will refer you for job openings.
    You just have to keep trying and not lose hope. Have patience your hard work will pay off one day and I hope you will be there soon.

All the best champ!